keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2010

Still on a sickie

It is so great to see the boys playing together in the livingroom. Wagging tails, happy sounds. Great that tey are able to do that again. Not for long periods of time, but little interaction anyway. They have had a longish break in indoor-playing. Outside they have played a bit all the time.

Preety has now experienced eldery-hospice, and being just a perfect therapyboy to my grandmother, who has been admitted in a hospice. Shanti and my previous dog: calm, stable Irish setter Aida did visit my other grandma's place approximately twice a month, so Shan is experienced with eldery people. Pre hadn't been in, so I was interested to see how he behaves. This time we only visited my Nanna and he met some new relatives and nurses. He did so well, jumped immediately to my Nanna's bed, stayed in her lap for one hour, and observed nurses and happenings from there. I am proud of him, this is a good start. Yet, I wouldn't let stangers to come and stroke him yet, they can do that with Shanti, and Pre can concentrate on one his favourite person in the world, my Nanna.

My knee is not good at all, pain is getting worse. Sickie is on 'till sunday, and after that I will need to try to go to work. Last night went approximately one third of the night awake and in pain, 2 thirds of sleep. It is such a nice, sunny weather, and we all just wanted to race outdoors. Well I can't do that, but luckily Anniina is over and helping us out. She was at obedience with Shan yesterday, and was very delighted the way he worked. She also activated the boys with training and tricks, and the boys were utterly knackered last night. What a joy!

I was able to get some fully shoots at Pre, running outside, smiling widely. Hope to make a smile to your face too!

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