maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010

Sickie-days are over. Finally!

Finally I finished sickies - the boys must be delighted to get some good rest when I am at work. The sickie lasted eventually a month. Boys had active life even though I couldn't take them out for a walk. I have a great support-network, thank you all for helping me out. I can't yet walk well, but hopefully getting better every day. Shan has continued doing obedience with Anniina, and they haven't really missed a single class. P has been absent, but we might try that out tomorrow, if the pain in my knee is not too big after workday. Pre will have challenging weekend, he will attend one small dogshow among 7 other kooikers. After that we're going to do some great kooiker-agi, can't wait to get some guidance from Merja for distance-agility!

Over the sickies I have concentrated on photographing the boys, and have some 150 new great pics of the lads.

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