sunnuntai 30. toukokuuta 2010

Cacib-boy Pre

Today was an exciting day for Pre and I. Or mainly for me. We have had a break of showing, since Pre has been a bit uneasy after one big dog attacked him on our trainingfield and left nasty bites and nastier memories. Pre is luckily rather tough boy, and he has been able to recover the situation, but it has clearly taken time, patience and lots of security. Now we are at the stage, that Pre can handle things so well, I am proud of my little boy. So I decided to enrol him to our INT show, which was on today.

Weather wasn't too good, water was pouring down. The ring was late, and I left Pre for a while in a car. Pre's friends were attending as well - his mate Pyry (Wishdecoy River Olivia) did very well, was the best male and the BOS. Congrats Mari and Pyry! Lovely Usva (Cavalriina's Uzva Uzzini) was the BOB, and Olga (Ixelle Vrouwe v.d. Tien Heuvelen) was the best of veterans. Preety did so well too, he got excellent and won the cacib. His critics was ok too, the judge thought he was a bit chubby, good head and expression, good body measures. Good topline and limbs. Good quality coat. Moves well but could be more cheerful.

Preety behaved so well, but his movement was at some point bit lazy. At Anniina's blog you can find many good pics of the show and Pre standing so well when the judge excamines him:

We have had lovely visitors when Saija has paid a visit with Fido (Callitris Hunyadi Erminia) and Fayza (Royal Fayza v. Dyjadin). Lots of pics from that visit too - will upload them and update our activities later :)

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  1. Onnittelut cacibista Preelle ja handlerille!

    Kaisa & Veiko