torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

the wonderteam of Para-agilty

Summerday! Finally! It didn't seem so promising this morning, dull and grey, yet the sun broke out when we were hiking in the woods, and it suddenly became very warm indeed. I was in the woods with my stepsister, who we naturally asked to be the target for human-searchin. So she got the cover, went deep into the woods, and I let both of the boys search for her. Pre did absolultely great, speeded so fast to her, and this time Shan did very well too. Both were keen on working, so after a bit over hour's hike, we had a fast rest and headed to agility. Meanwhile Shanti's littlebrothers Koda and Fido had attended a dogshow. Koda(Callitris Hidalgo Erminia) did very well, and he became BOB. Gratulations Sanna and Koda! The BOS was Shanti cousin's daughter, the beautiful Tipi (Muskettikoiran Unilintu).

Agility went on well. We did a good track, with jumps, the tyre, A-frame, see-saw, the tunnel and slalom. Kati got to run so much, since she did most of the work with all three boys. I also did the track twice with Shan, and he was bit hot and tired, but managed to do distance-agi, with his para-owner. I even got Kati to record it (the latter, very tired version of the track), yet since I have a very new camera, I don't know how to upload it into the net :( Pre did a little bit with me, he managed to do the slalom and see-saw without problems. I am astonished! If this development continues, and my knee allows a bit of running-steps, we might get to compete sooner than I thought. With Shan, however, competing together is in the far future. I hope to get somebody to do a few tracks with him over the summer, since it would be great for him to test the 3rd class!

Some pics of the day:


Pretty-Pre but A bit of a lip

The victory and satisfaction:


Thank you Kati for all the help :)

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