sunnuntai 9. toukokuuta 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Shanti wishes happy mother's day to his mother Fiona! Shan also sends greetings to nearby town Kitee, where his breeder Tuija lives. She is a mother of three small boys. Further wishes go to Shanti's grandmother Ani and owner Pirjo, who live at Mikkeli.



Preety wishes happy mother's day to his mother Enya and his grandmother Dolly! Pre also sends greetings to Ekerö, Sweden, where his breeder Yvonne lives. She is a mother of three, already adult girls!


Auntie-Maya and Nanna-Dolly:

Pre with Yvonne

We also send mother's day wishes to Anna to Kuopio, nearby town too, where lives Shanti's fiancee Beta and their dauther Pimu. Beta is just about becoming mother for the 2nd time, since she is mated yesterday with charming Hannes. Good luck!

Beta and Shanti playing in April-10

Now I will pack the boys in the car, and drive off first to visit my own nanna at the nursery. Boys will work as therapydogs and accompany me on the visit. After that boys will have the top time at my mum's place, where also Jaani lives.

Have a nice sunday everyone!

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