tiistai 4. toukokuuta 2010

Springy and wintery

I thought it was spring. Apparently I was wrong. Today it was snowing again. Nooooo! We had our obedience, but only the crazy-ones made it to the trainingfield. 50% of them coming from my home. So my boys and only two other dogs were there with their owners. There was not that much point in doing things, so we decided just to doo distraction-heeling, normal heeling and stading from heeling. Boys did ok, yet the weather, overalls and general condition was not very fruitful. Yet, I am satisfied I got myself to the field, I must have taken boys out anyway, so why not there!

Yesterday it was completely different situation. We went to Jaama, beautiful evening! Shanti was head over heels after Manta. This time there was not a modish, charming boyfriend, but a fiersty beast! Manta handled way-eager-Shan so well. We adore Mantu! Pre was keeping very well too, he was alert when the army marched by, as well as when the horse ran by, otherwise he was mainly minding his own business, giving room to the couple (or at least the eager boyfriend and his target).

Two days ago we did some human searching with the boys and my friend. Pre did brilliantly and Shan did somewhat hippy-like - with free moves and liberation. It was so fun to see it!

Tomorrow, if the sky permits, we are attending showtraining. Our show is proceeding and Pre needs to get some certainity in the ring.

Lets dance, shall we:

What a brick - doesn't he get the point?:

I don't understand the oldies:

More photos soon :)

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