keskiviikko 19. toukokuuta 2010


Agility...obedience...showtraining. We have only a few off-duty-days on our weeks: Monday is off, and thrusday too. Usually we go for long hikes at the woods on those days, and so have we done now too. Just together, without any kooi-friends this time. Boys have practised a bit of human searching on those walks, but nothing more special. Agility goes on well, distance-agi works rather ok, which I am delighted. Hopefully, in the future, we will have some more serious para-agi training, currently we are only planning it. Hopefully will happen soon!

Obedience works so well with Pre. The thing we ought to practise most is the jump and the distracted-laying for 2 mins. Otherwise he seems to be perfectly ready for even competition. Yet we take it slow, I prefer him to be more over-ready than under-ready! Pre is more calm and focused at obedience, Shanti more alert, jumping and unfortunately also biting the fingers when treated with yummies. Oh dear - Anniina, please return soon from your trip and take over on Shanti's training!!!

Today was showtraining, I only took Pre along, since he is attending our Int show in a week's time. Shanti will stay as an audience this time. Pre did very well, even when the judge examined him throughly. Great, I'm so delighted. After that Pre got to play with Pyry (Wishdecoy River Olivia), and the boys played so well. How great is that, that Pre is over 2 years, and gets on so well with males, if they are friendly. After that both of my boys got to practise therapy-dog moves, since we met a lady with cp who sat in a big electronic wheelchair. She was out with her personal assistant. The disabled lady couldn't move or speak, but it didn't matter. Shan was cool and friendly, Pre thought he found his best friend, and wanted to go to the lady's lap. He is such a brave and self-confident boy :)

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