sunnuntai 31. tammikuuta 2010


The weekend has been full of decisions, all open still. The problem is my knee, that broke again, about 10th time. I should enroll boys for the world winner at Denmark over the weekend, but now I'm not too sure whether I can take the trip or not, depending on if there will be an operation coming. Further, I enrolled both of my boys for agility small groups for the summer, even though it might be the case that we can't really train that much. I hope for the best anyway!

Nice news from Preety's cute sister Zally, who has undergone the healthcheck in Sweden. A-hips, ok eyes and patella. Great, grattis Yvonne och Pia! I think Preety will be checked after summer, probably not before, since there are a few shows we are going to attend to.

Boys have had some fun with people visiting over and taking them for a walk. That is because I can't walk them right now. Further, Anniina, the primary care-keeper for the boys, has been over very often, training obedience, tricks and playing with the boys. They do adore her so much. Luckily there is lots of space to run on the ice too, and very easy access from my brother's place, just directly from the backyard, so boys have been able to get very good excercise. The couldness doesn't bother them at all, my eskimo-dogs.

perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2010

Time to open the blog for both of my boys

For a while I have kept an english blog for my newer 'foreign' familymember, kooikerhondjeboy Matssons Preety 'Preety', so that Preety's family in Sweden can keep up with the news of his life. My goddaughter and primary activator for my boys Anniina, has kept actively the finnish blog for the boys, and she will keep on doing that - thank you so much Anniina! Her blog can be found underneath the link 'hoitajan blogi, up at the right corner. But I decided that I want to also tell in the english blog something also about the life of my older kooiker Shanti (Callitris Girello Erminia) and the life boys share together, and that is the reason why this new site is done. Hope you will like it!