torstai 30. syyskuuta 2010


Shanti and Preety have had enjoyable time with their 2nd master, my brother, who has been completing his finals at school, and therefore has loads of free time to hike in the woods. My boys have been lucky to get approximately 2 hours of hiking nearly every day. Luckily the weather has been just the best, and they have explored several tracks nearby. Boys are just getting better and better on, now when they are both adult and rather mature. They tend to play every day, indoors it is mainly vocal, not that physical otherwise, outdoors they spring-tunr-jump-fly all the time. Look at the pictures!

and finally...Absolute Monsters

...turning into sweet buddies

It is such a joy to see the boys' relationship developing. They are so different in many ways, yet they rely on eachother in so many cases.

We will have some shows coming up. Next weekend we will travel to our spaniel clubshow at Hyvinkää. We will travel in kooi-company with handsome boys Tico and Pyry. Preety will also have another INT show at Jyväskylä later on in the autumn. Shanti, in turn will visit the ring at our big Vinner-10 show in December. Hopes for Pre's last cert are in the air, but probably will need to wait till next year to make that true. But you never know. At Jyväskylä we will meet a judge who gave out a course on showing dogs. Anniina and I attended, and got several important and handy tips on how to present your dog in a best possible way. It is impressive what a qualified and experienced judge can say. Luckily she knows kooikerhondje rather well, so we also heard how she wants to see kooiker presented in the ring. Need to remember that at Jyväskylä!

Agilitywise we aren't doing too cloriously, since currently I am relying on croutches every 2nd day. We will change agility small group this season, and the first time we will see the new group is next week. That is exciting, as always. Hope to get at good season and athmosphere in the group.

I found a lovely programme on my computer, and tested it immediately on agilityvideos. Unfortunately the quality on youtube is not that good.

This one is just a collection of the old-school training with Shanti and I (when I was able to spring a little bit)

This one is beginnings of our paragility-career, one year ago:

Alternatively you can search kooikershankarit at youtube, and you should find these videos.

We have proceeded bit with paragility, but the training is slow and since I find it so difficult to even walk at times, we have long breaks in between.

Pre and I have continued obedience, and once he is certain with his 2mins of staying, we will start competing. He is so good and rather reliable in it! Shanti does really well with Anniina too, and they are one talented couple!

Some more autumny-pics to enjoy: