maanantai 16. elokuuta 2010


Oioioi, lovely, warm and relaxing summer is over, and everydaylife has begun. I might be the only sad one to finish holidays, boys might be thinking: Finally she is out! We can relax! At least they will get more rest and sleep when I'm not at home. Summer was full with activities, but mainly we managed to take it easy, and enjoy the heatwave at our summercottage. Boys got plenty of free-running, since they can be all free at the cottage. Pre swam a lot, and Shan practised it too, but not as eagerly as Pre.

After the trip to Estonia we brifly visited kennel Muskettikoiran and learned to know two small pups. They were imported from Manusia's and are now called Alex and Tytti. Sweeties!

Then, what a week - when we drove back home, it was already my darling friends waiting to spend a few days with me. Since Pre and Shan had a confrontation in Estonia, and a bitch could have built a tension between the boys, I decided to leave other one at my bro's care. So Shanti got to enjoy the sweet company of Dina-kooiker. We had top time with the family, visited beautiful Koli, a natural park nearby

Shanti and Dina were the bestest friends, and they got on brilliantly. Dina is sister to our dear friend Manta, and Shanti is always head over heels about her, so that might have an influence. Shanti and Dina had chemistry, and it was so much fun to see them working, playing and hanging out together.

On the last day of the family's visit we organised kooiker-agility. There were Tico and Hilppa among us. Mari also paid a short visit with Pyry earlier, just to show Pyry to the family.

Hilppa is going to be such a great agi-girl!

Shanti and Darl-Hilppa

On the same week I got a nice visitor when Liisa came over with Kelmi and Lempi. So nice to spend a day with them. Liisa is such a adorable person and her dogs are just the sweetest ones!

Charming Kelmi at our cottage

Some important agility-news must be told here! I finally gathered my courage and enrolled Pre to compete for his fist agitracks at Kuopio last weekend. He did so well, even when I can't run at all. I walked through the tracks and my little mand did all the work. Eventually he did 0-track and won the comp. Even better, out lovely Tico become 2nd with 0-track. What a great competition. We also saw Shanti's family: daughter Pimu and fiancee Beta. Shanti's future fiancee Fayza was there too (how can it work out in the dog-world so easily!?! Girls were perfectly ok with eachother :) )Further we came across very small Zelda (7,5 weeks) and Rocky who came to compete to medi2. Tico had a great day, he is now competing at medi2, congrats Kati and Tico! Pyry's owner Mari was there too with her springer Ainu. They got to the 2nd class as well, well done!

Saija videotaped all tracks, so hopefully she will upload them soon. More pics of the comp and from summer in my next writing!