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Towards the end of this year...

Oh dear, who has been the laziest blogger ever? Probably me I assume...

Life has been busy even though I have been on a studyleave this year, and mainly at home with the dogs, doing my dissertation. So we have had plenty of time for activities and funtime. The most important canine-event of this year must have been our big trip to Holland, to paragility world championships. We travelled with our good travel-buddy Liisa and her kooikermale Kelmi (Milfeddyg Innemend Elaika) and also her kooikerbitch Etta (Frisian Gem Beatrix Potter). The trip was very long, first I drove three hours at Liisa's from my hometown, and after that another three hours to the ferry. Then the route took us via Sweden, Denmark, Germany and finally to the Netherlands. The travel went surprisingly well, even though Etta was at her heatpeak, and boys were naturally really keen on her. After long drive, and a night in Germany we arrived a cert-show in Leeuwarden, which Etta and Kelmy participated in. They both did very well, Etta was BOB junior and Kelmi ended being the BOB and BOB veteran, and received his Dutch cert. Yet we had to leave early, so he couldn't attend the big ring this time. However we were really excited and happy about Kelmi's result.

The paragility was located at Nijmegen, and we had a wery cozy and nice hotel, among many other agilitycompetitors. So there were several dogs and owners around. The sportplace was very nice sportshall, and the competition was very well organised. We had three days of competitions, and there were four Finns enrolled at paragi, altogether seven dogs on us. The athmosphere was incredible, open, full of joy. Many competitors had severe limtations, and yet they just belonged there, and the tracks were so touching and full of emotions. Something very special indeed, and eventually the results were also very good. My boys behaved and obeyed well and seemd to have much fun on the way. Pre was able to do one track without faults and within the time. Shanti did all three that way, and ended being the 2nd in the cup. I am very happy and proud of that, yet the main thing was anyway the possibility to attend such an event, just a big dream come true for me. Very good results for other Finns too, Veli-Pekka Suuronen won with his Ella, and Anne Juntunen became 2nd at her cup with her Miro. Congratulations once again, and thank you Finnish Agility Association for supporting us!

We were able to meet some kooikerlovers on our way, in Holland we met Frodo's daughter Phybie and her owner Maren from Germany, and also her breeder Susanne from the kennel Youngmuskyteira.


Susanne had her friend and one of her bitch Quinta along. Further they had a great male Aldwin, a 16-year old kooiker with such a great temperament and health. I was astonished. I hope my boys will live as long and healthy as Aldwin.

Shanti and Quinta


On our way back to Finland we met briefly Preety's breeder Yvonne and Pre's sister Zally with her owner Pia. They were on their way to mate Zally at the south of Sweden. That mating resulted a large litter so congratulations Pia and Yvonne. That was the first litter at Kennel Miltassias. Surely a good, devoted breeder and loving, warm beginning for the litter. We then drove to Preety's mum and her owners, and we got to spend nice time with Enya and Christina and Ove. Preety got to play with her mother, and I loved that sight. Enya is such a calm, stable and well-mannered beauty. Thank you once more Christina and Ove for your hospitality and love!

Very tired Preety, opening his ears as a sign of love and devotion to his breeder Yvonne

Enya and her owners

I decided to stay at Liisa's place in Finland for one extra day once we returned, since the travel was long and tireing, even though Liisa did most of the work. It was so nice just to recap the whole trip, all the experiences and new friends we found. Oh dear, what an experience of a lifetime. Still cherising the moments in my heart.

Boys got to rest at home for a few days after such a big trip and then we raced again to the agilitycompetitions. We had fun, I think no results that time. Unfortunate event happened, when I fell down and twisted my healthy ankle. It stayed very sore for over a month, that make walking difficult. Luckily I was able to get so much help from my friends. Then after a week we had the full weekend of agilitystarts, and finally happened something amazing. Shanti was able to race a zero-track within the desired time at the class three. I was astonished, such a great performance from him, and he demonstrated that we can actually make it even at the most demanding class. My hopes this far with him has been just to get clear run, without mistakes, but I never thought we could make it within the given time. I am so happy and proud of my talented boys.

We also made a short trip to Sweden with my Shanti, hoping for a puppies to our neighbourcountry from him, but unfortunately not succeeded this time. Yet it was sweet to meet friends and spend some quality time. Shanti is indeed a great and reliable buddy to travel with, the easiest dog on this universe. Immediately after the trip we attended a breeding advicor meeting organised by the Finnish Kennelclub. The topic was interesting, atophy, allergy and auto-immune-related diseases on dogs. Highly important issue also on kooikerhondje, and I learned several things from that meeting. Another intersting course organised by the Finnish Kennelclub, was the breeder's course 2, which I also attended. The days were packed with very interesting topics, such as breeding ethics, health concerns, taxation and litter-planning.

We have attended few shows, Adya has had her debyt, and succeeded so well. At the spaniel club show she won the junior class and became eventually the 3rd best female with Ck. Shanti got excellent that time but not more. Last weekend we had the winner-show at Helsinki. Adya was amazing, and eventually won the junior class, become 2nd best female and received her first cert. Anniina handled Adya so well and professionally and I was so delighted to see their connection and trust to eachother. Adya is a wonderful, open, tough and social kooikerbitch, everything and more Anniina and myself wished from our dog. Boys love her to bits, and even Shanti has decided that she is worthy of a play (Shanti refuced to play with her for a long time). Such a nice trio I have!

Adya and Anniina at the spaniel clubshow, photographed by Saija Jänkävaara

Preety has gained some zeros from agility, and I am so proud of his development. This term we decided to focus on his motivation and enahcing it. It has worked out beutifully and he has now completely different touch to his tracks, he has build self-esteem and enjoys his training and competing so much. I love my smallteam, packed with great, fun people. We have learned a lot and it is always a joy to go to training. Further, our agilityclub is building a big hall, and we have been working there as much as possible. It is rewarding to build something so important, and also interesting to figure out some hidden skills in oneself...

Next agilitycompetitions will be maybe after a few months, since we will r and just train the coldest months of the year. Shows boys are probably not attending next year, or perhaps clubshow or somewhere abroad. We will just support Adya and see how she begins her showcareer. She will probably have several shows at the beginning of next year, since there are a good few smaller groupshows around here. Hopes for obedience are there, since I would like to proceed in it, especially with Preety.

One importat thing I needed to say. We are doing a kooikerhondje DLA-research, and this far already 8 haplotypes has been found on kooikers. Blood donations are welcomed, and hopefully as many kooikerowners could do that, even from abroad! And here are the results this far:

But now I need to wish you all very good December and approaching Christmas. Sorry for not updating this so long, but hopefully more active next year. New Year's resulation :)

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Summertime - almost over, but not yet!

Wow, what a summer behind. The bestest heatwave hit Finland, and we have enjoyed it so much! Lovely days at the cottage, hot days at agilitycompetitions etc. So much fun! The trio gets on well, yet Preety has (finally, at over 3 years of age)shown some idea of him also being a male and eligble batchelor. So nowadays I need to let boys play separately with Adya, in order to avoid "manly" confrotation. Luckily all walks and normal life goes on fine, needs just a bit of planning and order. Boys get on fine together, have good play and appreciate eachother.

Our main acitivity this summer has been agility, since we are aiming for paragility world cup in Holland, just at the beginning of next month! Details of the competition can be found here:

Both boys are now enrolled, and much practise is needed. We will travel together with Liisa(Kennel Milfeddyg) and Kelmi, the same lovely company than in Sweden just at the beginning of this summer. Further, this time we will have Kelmi's granddaughter Etta along, as well as my Shanti. Etta and Kelmi will also test out shows abroad, but my boys will only focus on agility this time.

In order to enhance agility-performance we have attended agilitycamp organised by the Finnish agility association. It was probably the hottest days, yet so informative and we got to learn so many things. I was more than delighted, and have practised of all tips since the camp. Adya also attended, not practises but motivation clinic, which apparently was very good and benefitial too.

We also learned to know a new kooi-girl called "Tiuku", who also attended the agilitycamp. She is imported from Norway, and she is somewhat close relative (aunt) to my Preety. Boys loved her, and girls Tiuku and Adya played, played, played so much together. Shanti was convinced that this girl is his fiancee:

We have also attended a good few comptitions, the biggest one being called "agibreed" that had both official competitions and inofficial team competitions. All kooikerhondje-teams were naturally presenting Holland, and dressed up in orange. So many kooikerowners and dogs attended, for instance Indy, Ella, Keira, Julia, Vili, Bitti, Peter, Kelmi, Fredi etc. Also visiting kooikers we med, for instance Uuke, Siru, Severi, Riki and Timi. You can bet that Adya made several new friends and played so much. Our team was paragi-koohon, since both Liisa and myself are paragipractisers with our bummered knees. We had another member in our team, who was not disabled, yet she supported us by putting on a kneebrace! So great :)

This year that big event was at Liisa's hometown, so she kindly accommodated myself the boys, Adya and Anniina at her place and took very good care of us. Thank you for your hospitality again dear Liisa! Etta and Adya got to play heaps together, and they became so good friends. It is a pity Adya can't join us to Holland, so that she could have fun with Etta and also meet her breeders, Lisette and Eric at the kennel Kooikerhoeve! I have now read that the rabies-antibodies that they currently require to be tested when you enter Sweden will not be needed next year onwards. Adya doesn't have that test done, so that is why she is not joining us to Holland this time.

Agilitycompetitions have gone on fine, few good results, few failures, but always fun! Preety is still at medi2 class, he gained 2 good zero-results, but unfortunately there were better ones ahead, so he didn't get class-changing results from the positions. Maybe tomorrow or in a week's time since he has 6 starts altogether. Only thing that is worrying is my very painful knee, currently I am on a medication and croutches, so we will see can be compete tomorrow at all. Shanti has also competed a few times. It is very hard to guide him at med3 class, since he is fast, and I am walking the track. Yet we have fun, and some promising acts have already seen, so maybe one day we will manage to get a zero from the class 3 as well. Press your thumbs!

We have had several bigger and smaller kooi-meetings. This area is filled with active and friendly kooi-owners, also many practising aqility. So we get to meet up a lot and spend quality time together. To our fortune, kennel Featherfox has moved also here, just at the beginning of this month. Welcome Saija, Lassi, Fido and Fayza!

Lastly, some nice portraits of our beautiful Adya, I'm sure you like what you see :) She will have her debytime at shows in just a few days. Anniina has enrolled her to Kuopio INT (this Sunday) and both Joensuu INT (next Sat) and Joensuu NAT (next Sun). Busy times for our young lady, wish her good luck and fun at the shows.

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Happy Midsummer from our kooitrio Adya, Shanti & Preety to all our friends! Any better way to spend midsummer, than training agi and camping at the cottage :)

Our little trainingvideo at youtube:

lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011


Oh, what a trip behind. Such a great fortune to have a dog from lovely Sweden, and further, from a devoted, active breeder. We had a great one-week-holiday in our neighbour-country, this time it was only Preety along. Together with us were the bestest travel-buddies Liisa (kennel Milfeddyg) and Kelmi (Milfeddyg Innemend Elaika). First and foremost, deep thanks to Liisa and Kelmi for making this trip as great as it was. The best holiday ever!

Liisa and our boys

Even though Kelmi is a kooi-male, there were not a single problem between our boys. They got on perfectly, didn't stare, didn't show off at all. They were friendly and happy towards eachother during the whole trip. At the beginning we separated them with a puppy-fence, but eventually after many incidences we ended sleeping at the carbooth, all 4 of us, side-by-side. After that Preety probably thought that Kelmi is a replacement of Shanti, a great idol of all times, and Pre wanted to kiss Kelmi's lips all the time. Kelmi was bit puzzled about that movement, probably wondered what on earth is going on in that little boy's mind :)After the close sleep, boys got to run free together, and they were very relaxed during the whole rest of the trip, even though it must have been bit overly active and slightly stressful for both of them. They handled their nerves perfectly, and we got to be very proud of our boys.

The ferry-trip went on fine, Kelmi was more at ease to use the "restroom" (i.e. sandbox) at the deck of the ferry. Preety was on the opinion that it is not worth of his pee, and decided not to do anything at all. Liisa joked that if we will travel to Germany at the fall, as we plan now, she needs to take catheter along for Pre. That might actually become even handy, so please Liisa do! Once arriving Stockholm we soon realised that it was so called "long weekend" and we were definetely not the only ones aiming to the countryside from the capital. So we were stuck in the traffic jam for 2,5 hours, but luckily, so were all the rest attenders of Mattssons kennelmeeting at Malmköping. So meeting was bit postponed and we eventually weren't late at all from the beginning.

It was so many people, so many kooikers! Unreal - 27 dogs attending, most accompanied by 2 people. I was so delighted to meet everybody.

Especially heart-warming was to meet Preety's beautiful, sweet, wonderful, calm and friendly mother Enya (Mattssons Enya-Adriana) whom I fell completely for again! We took some great pics of mother and son, and those two got on very well. Preety was also so happy to meet his breeder Yvonne, and Yvonne's husband Ted and daughter Ting. Preety went completely out of his mind, especially when he met his most beloved friend Ting. I had tears in my eyes when I saw that. The ties are so strong between Preety and his breeder's family. Thank you for that!!!

Enya and Preety

Liisa was also delighted in what she saw at Kelmi's offsprang. They all were so nice looking and well tempered, lovely dogs indeed. Pre got to play wiht his sister Zally, and their plays just matched eachother so well. We also got to meet Pre's brother Zaky, the male I have just seen as a pup. Brothers didn't appreciate eachother's company, so they didn't get to greet that well.

We did a bit of training and loads of talking and walking at the beautiful campingsite of Malmköping. If you ever plan a trip in Sweden, this campingsite is highly recommended! Beautiful, friendly and spacious with very good beach and large green fields.

We stayed at the campingsite untill Saturday morning, when we left for nat show at Norrköping. It all went as we wished for, and Kelmi was crowned at the end of the day as bob and Se ch. Congratulations!!!


Preety got to be best male 2 with excellent judgement. We both liked the judge, Dan Erickson, very much. He did precise work, was open, friendly and very devoted to his work. We also got to meet some swedish kooikers, such as Fayza's close relative "Tilla" from Cirtaps, Ayax from Wenarja's (Frodo's grandson) and last but not least, lovely pup, Vicke and the from Lovemix that was actually Preety brother Ymer's son! What a determined, ready-looking half-year-old!


Between this show and next day's Vänersborg INT was over 500 km and eventually hot day. When we arrived near Vänersborg it become clear that there were a) no open hostels b) fully booked hostels and c) not dog friendly hostels. We toured around for a good few hours, and eventually had to sleep in the car. We had joked about it, but when it become reality it wasn't that funny... untill we had fixed the sleepingplaces and fell down hysterically laughing. It was so funny, and absolutely the best athmosphere ever at our accommodation. And boys were such darlings, sleeping at our feet, side-by-side.

Our golf-course-accommodation

After few hours' of sleep we continued the rest of the trip towards Vänersborg. There were several dogs enrolled, so my hopes for Preety's cacib were very small. Nevertheless HE DID IT! And at the end of the show Preety was Bob and got the much needed cacib. I was so delighted, surprised and happy! And naturally very proud of my sweet little boy, he presented himself so well, self-securely and was happy and open all during the show. Good for you Pre! We also got tomeet some relatives such as uncle Yesper and cousin Jimmy. Further we got to talk Moonhaven breeder and naturally with Uffe and Isla's owner Jonna, that was there too, after very successfull Norway-tour. Isla was BOS, so gongrats once again to Jonna! Judge was Skaar Torbjörn, very friendly and handled the dogs well. Apparently he is into kooikers a bit, so gaining price from him was a great achvievement from Preety.

Here are the attenders and results (in Finnish style) as copied from our forum:

Theodor Tjarda v D Lutte Vaert JUN ERI
Freckles Jimmy Jump NUO EH
Bullbenz Kooi Udde Geri VAL ERI 3 SA PU 3
Mattsons Preety VAL ERI 1 SA PU 1 CACIB ROP!!
Mattsons Yesper VAL ERI 4
Milfeddyg Innemend Elaika VAL ERI 2 SA PU 2

cirtap's Prinses Shima van Kelly-E NUO ERI 2 SA PN 2 v-sert v-cacib
Cirtap's Uninque Isla van Unika-K NUO ERI 1 SA PN 1 SERT CACIB VSP!!!
Moonhaven Excellent Maroon NUO EH
Moonhaven Amazing Maroon AVO EH
Moonhaven In Your Life AVO EH

We didn't stay for the finals at Vänersborg, as nice as it would had been. We aimed back the long trip towards Stockholm to spend a night at Pia's place. So Preety got to play much with his sister Zally, and we got to talk about kooikers all night long.

Siblings Preety and Zally

Next morning we headed to agilityfield, where Yvonne and the rest of the gang joined as well. Unfortunately it was bit too hot for good training, but we managed to do a bit and dogs loved it anyway. After that it was lunchtime at Yvonne's and Preety got to be reunited with his old gang (with several new members). All went on fine, and soon it was time to go towards the ferry.

The trip back was as good as the trip towards Sweden, dogs were just fine, and got to be free at the cabin, no problems. It was nice to return home, yet we had so much fun, laughed so much and shared so many lovely moments, that warm my heart deeply. So it was also bit sad that the great holiday was behing. Yet meeting Shanti and Adya was so full of love, that I am glad to be back again, with my own gang.

Hopefully we will get to have the planned trip with Kelmi and Liisa at the fall. We'll see. Many other things have happened during the last week, including Adya's match show (where, unfortunately I was judging, so she didn't get a placement this time), Shanti, Preety, Adi and Tico training agility, and also Hilppa, Shanti and Preety training agility. Took some pics of this too, and will upload them later.

The whole album from our Swedish trip can be found here:

Have a nice summer everybody!!!

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Rise and shine, at agility finally!

Yesterday Pre had another sporty-day at agility. I was bit doubtful at attending the tracks, since his slip at his 3rd track at Kuopio last weekend. The much needed zero for rising up to medium2 class has waited for itself, so often, so near, and then a small mistake, and it has passed. Well yesterday it didn't! It was nice place, a sandfield at idyllic surroundings, and warm summery day. Preety travelled with his friend Ella, another medi1 kooikerhondje, and we arrived early. We had plenty of time to hike in the woods to warm up, and also enough time to interpret the track well. As always, I tend to practise the track by heart, imagine it in my mind, and also vocalise, both the names of the obstacles, as well as cheerings for my dogs. The first track had a few demanding spots, and I doubted the way I was supposed to guide Pre. Eventually I probably didn't take the most fluid options, yet Pre was so obedient, that he just kindly waited me to correct the guiding, and then he performed the correct obstacles. He was slower than usually on both tracks. Luckily at the first class the time was enough, but sadly on the second class we took overtime. I am still proud that he was able to take a win at the first class, and even become 2nd at the medi2 class, and he was the only one without any mistakes on the track. Well done my little-Pre!

I have made a promise to Shanti, that his turn to activities will become soon. I have so concentrated on Pre's agility, obedience and shows, that Shanti has always been left without races or competitions. Now when boys will be at consequtive classes at agi and even at obedience, it must be Shanti's time to attend those as well! That is my promise to my bigger boy.

Dogs have enjoyed the springy-summery weather, been much outdoors and started their swimming-season too. That is such great way of exercising, and we will do that nearly every day from now on. It is a delight to stay at my mum's during the renovation of my own flat - we have a big backyard and a lake available. Much running, playing and swimming! Further, the meals are every now and then offered at the yard, so bit of a nose-work for dogs.

Soon Shanti will again stay behind, and Preety will travel to Sweden to attend his kennelmeeting and two shows. So exciting summerbreak ahead, I hope it all goes on fine!

Adya has been practising so many new things, beginner's obedience, showtraining and little bit of agility too. Annina has attended already two unofficial shows with her, and succeeded on both times. Today Adya has been even BIS3 at a local matchshow! Well done A+A and congratulations :)

tiistai 10. toukokuuta 2011

We are the champions... friend!

I am so delighted and proud to present the 2nd champion of our kooi-trio:

FI, EE (and possibly SE) ch Mattssons Preety

Last cert from Finland 05/2011 to become Finnish showchampion

Cert from Estonia 07/10 to be upgraded to EE champion

Cert from Sweden 07/09 possibly to be upgraded to SE champion with the new regulations

perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2011


Spring has arrived - FINALLY! Snow has nearly melted and dogs are all into sniffing the lovely springy-smells. Vast open fields also trigger them to run, run, run! We have paid already a visit to our summercottage, and taken it out of its "winterclothes", so as soon as the days start to be warm enough, we will spend enormous amount of time there. Dogs will get to run free all days and enjoy the woods and lake of the cottage.

The trio goes on well. Anniina has the main responsibility of Adya's training, I get to enjoy the fun and play of our little chick. Adi, as I often call her for short, has now tested agility, obedience and showing. She did so enormously well at unofficial show, where dogs are matched in pairs, and the better one gets red colour, the other gets blue colour. Then the "reds" go on competing against eachother and "blues" do the same. Adi and Aniina got to be 4th of the red ones - well done, congratulations. Adya was surely the yougest contestent! She has also started to lose her teeth, 5 left on the first day - we'll see whether she ends up completely without teeth today! Adi is still very corageous, open and self-confident girl, and both Anniina and myself are very proud of her behaviour and character. She doesn't get frightened and comes to different situations with curious mind and good manners.

We have also enjoyed hiking at the woods. Boys have started their season of human searching, only unofficial way, since we are not in a smallgroup this year. Both remembered it so well, and were all enthusiastic to find the targets from the woods. My talented boys! Pre is still the play-master for Adi, Shanti is on the other hand the groupleader, with calm, self-confident and independet style. The bunch is such a team, joy to the eye!

Shanti has just been practising agility, and also some obedience. Anniina is still thinking of competing with him over this summer, and I surely hope that will happen. Alternatively I will go with him on my own, since I am convinced that he could manage the beginner's class easily. Pre is practising the openclass-movements, and is not yet competig at obedience, hopefully towards the end of the summer he will be ready. Shan has not competed at agi, but Pre has been more active on that field, and he have had about 7 starts this spring. I have now enrolled him to comps at Kuopio, 3 starts in a week's time. I surely hope this time he will get the zero he requires to rise up to a next class. He is also competing for his last cert at shows tomorrow. Cross my fingers he would finally get the cert!

Preety will have also some exciting times ahead, since he will get to pay a visit to his breeder at Sweden in June. Pre will travel with myself and Kooikerhondje Kelmi and his owner Liisa from Milfeddyg kennel. Shanti will probably stay behind, since it is easier to travel with just one boy in my hands. Pre and Kelmi will attend two shows at Sweden, so hopefully both will come back with swedish certs at their backpockets. Pre has already one junior-class cert from Swe, and I am not anticipating the conclusion whether they will credit the older certs for Se ch or not. From this year onwards the dog can qualify to Se ch with one cert at any class (that stays hanging), once it becomes ch in another Nordic country. So we'll see what happens with Pre! Exciting times ahead!

tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011


Adya has settled in to Finland so well. She seems to be such a corageos, open-minded and happy girl, that is eager to learn new things and meet new people and dogs. Boys have accepted her well, Shanti has strengthen his role as the leader, and doesn't really play with Adya that much, to my surprise. Shanti has been so playful and still plays with Preety every day, but he has a bit different attitude to Adya. He is still behaving so well towards her, but is more calm and adult-like. However, Preety has turned to be Adya's play-master, mainly outdoors though. They run around on the ice and have so much fun together. My boys get to learn dog-language to Adya so well, and she is a fast learner. Shanti hangs out more with Adya indoors, and Preety wants to keep his distance and peace.

Preety and I have compted both at agility and obedience. Obedience went very well, and we won the beginner's class with good 1st class result. So next challenge in that is to learn the commands of the open class, and test competing in it. We have also taken few starts at agility, but still waiting for the last 0-result to rise up to medi2-class. I'm sure it will happen soon. Also, there will be few shows around for Preety to try to get the last cert to become Fin ch (and EE ch on the same go).

Agility we have trained about twice a week, and now Adya has joined agilityhall as well. She loves the few obstacles she has tried, and I am really pleased with her behaviour and attitude. Great chick!

We have also had some kooikermeetings, and Adya got to play with similar-aged kooipup called Romi, who has moved in our town as well. Adya behaved well among the adult kooikers, and they all were so nice to her. We have such a great kooi-group around here. Adya has also med numerous people, and she has been open and happy to learn to know every single one of them.

Manta, Shanti and Preety enjoying eachother's company