perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2011


Spring has arrived - FINALLY! Snow has nearly melted and dogs are all into sniffing the lovely springy-smells. Vast open fields also trigger them to run, run, run! We have paid already a visit to our summercottage, and taken it out of its "winterclothes", so as soon as the days start to be warm enough, we will spend enormous amount of time there. Dogs will get to run free all days and enjoy the woods and lake of the cottage.

The trio goes on well. Anniina has the main responsibility of Adya's training, I get to enjoy the fun and play of our little chick. Adi, as I often call her for short, has now tested agility, obedience and showing. She did so enormously well at unofficial show, where dogs are matched in pairs, and the better one gets red colour, the other gets blue colour. Then the "reds" go on competing against eachother and "blues" do the same. Adi and Aniina got to be 4th of the red ones - well done, congratulations. Adya was surely the yougest contestent! She has also started to lose her teeth, 5 left on the first day - we'll see whether she ends up completely without teeth today! Adi is still very corageous, open and self-confident girl, and both Anniina and myself are very proud of her behaviour and character. She doesn't get frightened and comes to different situations with curious mind and good manners.

We have also enjoyed hiking at the woods. Boys have started their season of human searching, only unofficial way, since we are not in a smallgroup this year. Both remembered it so well, and were all enthusiastic to find the targets from the woods. My talented boys! Pre is still the play-master for Adi, Shanti is on the other hand the groupleader, with calm, self-confident and independet style. The bunch is such a team, joy to the eye!

Shanti has just been practising agility, and also some obedience. Anniina is still thinking of competing with him over this summer, and I surely hope that will happen. Alternatively I will go with him on my own, since I am convinced that he could manage the beginner's class easily. Pre is practising the openclass-movements, and is not yet competig at obedience, hopefully towards the end of the summer he will be ready. Shan has not competed at agi, but Pre has been more active on that field, and he have had about 7 starts this spring. I have now enrolled him to comps at Kuopio, 3 starts in a week's time. I surely hope this time he will get the zero he requires to rise up to a next class. He is also competing for his last cert at shows tomorrow. Cross my fingers he would finally get the cert!

Preety will have also some exciting times ahead, since he will get to pay a visit to his breeder at Sweden in June. Pre will travel with myself and Kooikerhondje Kelmi and his owner Liisa from Milfeddyg kennel. Shanti will probably stay behind, since it is easier to travel with just one boy in my hands. Pre and Kelmi will attend two shows at Sweden, so hopefully both will come back with swedish certs at their backpockets. Pre has already one junior-class cert from Swe, and I am not anticipating the conclusion whether they will credit the older certs for Se ch or not. From this year onwards the dog can qualify to Se ch with one cert at any class (that stays hanging), once it becomes ch in another Nordic country. So we'll see what happens with Pre! Exciting times ahead!

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