lauantai 20. maaliskuuta 2010

Wintery days

For a moment it seemed that the spring will arrive early this year. Yet it is snowing, snowing, snowing so the spring is still far away. Well boys love the snow, and they keep cleaner on our walks when there is plenty of snow around.

Pre has developed further now, the boys play much more and more eagerly together, just like when Pre was a pup. I am very delighted about the change, even though boys been getting on ok this far anyway. Yet it feels so nice to see them enjoying run-and-play sessions together. Fav spot seems to be on the ice. Unfortunately I've learned it is not that safe much longer anymore, so we might need to give it up soon.

My knee was little bit better, so we got to do some distance-agility with the help of our wonderful trainer, Merja Suomalainen. She is The person to have an eye for kooi-agi, and we got some very good tips for both of my boys how to proceed on with distance handling. Both of my boys shine at agi, and I am so proud of them for that. They have the guts and nerves to run really far and fast, and take the different direction as compared to mine. I think that might be the qu for many kooikers at agility. I have put my effort into that, since this knee has always been such a pain and bummer and our career at agi is always questionable due to my condition. Hopefully at least Shan will get to do some tracks over the summer, with me or with some friend. But if he doesn't, then we just have loads of fun at the hall/field.

Obedience is getting there too. Anniina is doing great job with Shanti. It is a delight to see them working together. Shan clearly favours Anniina over me, she is so way cooler trainer :) I am doing the most work with Pre, and we're getting on well too. Pre got bit nervous at the field, after our lengthy break. That was due to the reason that there were a dog running free (escaping), and that must have brought the trauma of getting really badly bitten at the field little less than a year ago. Luckily what Pre does, is that he just becomes alert and weary, not trying to escape or do any moves at all. He completely trusts in me in that situation. Further, the light (As compared the wintery darkness) makes Pre more aware of the situation, so we're working on that. However, I am very happy and delighted about his proceeding.

Human searching we have only done as a part of our walks, just for fun. Boys are mad over that, I hope we get to join in a group when the summer arrives.

Pre showed himself at a locad dogshow. He managed ok, was bit weary when the judge came to check him, but kept himself together and managed the situation. He then presented himself rather well and we ended up having fun together at the ring. Yet, the judge didn't fancy him that much. He found his temperament, earrings, body structure and tail to be good. Some faults he saw at his coat-colour, neck, lose frontmovements, lips and stop. Unfortunately, due to judge-change the same judge will be at our next show in one week. Hopefully I can make him run this time, and he might achieve bit better judgement. We'll see. But if he doesn't get it, never mind. We will get to see darlings Hilppa and Shanti's daughter Pimu there as well. So it is only three kooikers at the ring this time. We might go to do some agi after that, which I am so looking forward to.

Shanti's two pups have now been healthchecked. Both got A/A hips, clear eyes and 0/0 knees. One more is without checking, yet I heard from the owner that she is going to get her excamined too. I am so happy about this great healthresult, since I hope Shan will be used some other day for another litter too. Pre will be health checked later on, since he is still so undeveloped! But I press my thumbs for him to be healthy too, just as his siblings have been. I actually just noticed, that Preety's close realative, a kooikerbitch from Norway has been imported to Finland. Hope to see her somwhere at some point!

I have one more week of work, and after that one week's holiday. Great! I will travel to Tampere tomorrow and get to meet Dina (Cavalriina's U) and Aida (Cavalriina's S) kooikergirls. Can't wait to see them and spend some quality time with the family, they are so wonderful people!

I have done some research on the kooikerlines in Finland, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. It is so interesting to see how the populations developes and how individuals are linked to eachother. I will also get the privilidge to join a specialised course on breeding issues. The topic will be small populations' problems, and that will be so interesting to study with the quidance of the Finnish kennelclub's top speakers and researchers. Can't wait!

maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010

Sickie-days are over. Finally!

Finally I finished sickies - the boys must be delighted to get some good rest when I am at work. The sickie lasted eventually a month. Boys had active life even though I couldn't take them out for a walk. I have a great support-network, thank you all for helping me out. I can't yet walk well, but hopefully getting better every day. Shan has continued doing obedience with Anniina, and they haven't really missed a single class. P has been absent, but we might try that out tomorrow, if the pain in my knee is not too big after workday. Pre will have challenging weekend, he will attend one small dogshow among 7 other kooikers. After that we're going to do some great kooiker-agi, can't wait to get some guidance from Merja for distance-agility!

Over the sickies I have concentrated on photographing the boys, and have some 150 new great pics of the lads.