lauantai 29. tammikuuta 2011


I have been fortunate to get to spend lots of time with boys, since I am unfortunately on a sickie. During this we have hiked a bit, on the ice with snowboots and also at the woods with friends. Now the temperature is rather mild, very nice actually, and you don't freeze outdoors. It has been very cold though, but luckily my boys don't get bothered about the cold weather, and rather hike happily. Since I have now many hours of daylight with the boys, we have hiked about 1,5-2 hours every day. Further, we have actively visited agihall, and boys have trained a fair bit. Pre has developed so incredibly much and it is a pleasure to do agility with him. He is going to be one star! At least to me :) Shanti, on the other hand might have some stiffness, and I need to call a physiotherapist to come and massage and check him out. He hasn't performed that well at our training, but anyway, we have had so much fun.

Boys racing

Preety speeding

The last cert didn't come to Pre from Kajaani INT, nor from small show at Ilomantsi. So we are still searching for it, hopefully will get it during the year. To my eyes he is one nice looking and well-behaving boy, so I don't think it is too hard to get the last certificate from some show. But naturally I am bit biased. After that I think he doesn't really need to attend shows, maybe abroad. We will focus more on obedience and agility. There will be some competitions in a few month on both, which I find very exciting. I will probably compete only with Preety, and maybe later on this year with Shanti.

We have actively hiked with our darling Manta (Cavalriina's U-bitch), and met her nearly every week, sometimes even twice. She is such a good friend to my boys, and it is pleasure to see the trio together, and naturally it is so sweet to chat with her owner, who has become such a dear friend. Manta, Shanti and Preety do get on so well and have toptime together, never arguments. Soon I will get to see Pyry (Wishdecoy R-male), since he attended our smallgroup at agility, with his owner Mari. Pyry is so sweet, can't wait to see him in action. Now it seems that we will train a fair bit of agi, since my sickie will probably last a fair bit.

Kooi-trio, Manta, Preety, Shanti