sunnuntai 6. kesäkuuta 2010


Summer has boosted up our activities, and we have an active week behind. Last weekend we had the show and met Fayza and Fido:

Boys did some human-searching in the woods on Saturday. Dear friend Saija was the target, always getting lost in the woods!

Sending Pre to search

Pre ran bullet-straight and found Saija immediately

Shan being sent to the target

And after work is the time for play:
Shan greeting Fayza

Posing before playing (Shanti+Fay)

Free-running by Fay-Shan

Free-running by Pre-Fay

On sunday Pre attended the show and did nicely. Pre with his cacib and res-cert

I had to leave my boys behind and travel to north to work at Oulu for two days. I naturally contacted Monica, the breeder of Estaika's and asked if we can meet up. Monica showed me some lovely parts of Oulu by foot. After that we went at his dad's to play some cards (learned a top new cardgame), and finally drove at her place to pick up Gipi (GIJS V.'T HUIS TEN BILDT) and Misty (ESTAIKA'S MILLENIUM MIST)

While I was at Oulu, Annina had enjoyed our Obedience with the guidance of my friend Marja-Leena. (it was my turn to be the conducter of the training, luckily I got Marja-Leena to help me out!)

Boys got to run and swim (and pose) at the nearby forest:

And walked on the benches of lake, and met their friend Lysti on the way:

On Friday it was time for agility. Both boys did so well, I got some good instructions from our small team, how to improve distance-agi, since currently I still can't run at all.

Yesterday we met up Ella and Kaisa, went to the ruins and did some human searching and obedience. All of the dogs did well, Pre was again workaholic, did so well. Shan did also very eagerly and well. Ella did the thing for the first time and she is so promising in it! After that we did obedience (all following photographs by Kaisa Jalava):

Pre heeling (and staring at my hand - need to do something about that!!)

Ella and Pre taking their 2mins staying

Pre concentrating

After work, the gang got to run free, play with the sticks and together, and naturally pose, again :)

Thank you Kaisa and Ella for the lovely 3-hours acitivityboost!

Today Anniina will take care of the boys, and we will got to see local agilitycompetitions. I will work the 2nd class competitions. After that we might take a hike at the woods, that is near the place. Let's hope some nice, sunny weather! I hope I get to race with the boys soon, but currently my knee doesn't allow it. Luckily there is some hope in the form of Para-agility, that might develope further in a near future in Finland!