sunnuntai 30. toukokuuta 2010

Cacib-boy Pre

Today was an exciting day for Pre and I. Or mainly for me. We have had a break of showing, since Pre has been a bit uneasy after one big dog attacked him on our trainingfield and left nasty bites and nastier memories. Pre is luckily rather tough boy, and he has been able to recover the situation, but it has clearly taken time, patience and lots of security. Now we are at the stage, that Pre can handle things so well, I am proud of my little boy. So I decided to enrol him to our INT show, which was on today.

Weather wasn't too good, water was pouring down. The ring was late, and I left Pre for a while in a car. Pre's friends were attending as well - his mate Pyry (Wishdecoy River Olivia) did very well, was the best male and the BOS. Congrats Mari and Pyry! Lovely Usva (Cavalriina's Uzva Uzzini) was the BOB, and Olga (Ixelle Vrouwe v.d. Tien Heuvelen) was the best of veterans. Preety did so well too, he got excellent and won the cacib. His critics was ok too, the judge thought he was a bit chubby, good head and expression, good body measures. Good topline and limbs. Good quality coat. Moves well but could be more cheerful.

Preety behaved so well, but his movement was at some point bit lazy. At Anniina's blog you can find many good pics of the show and Pre standing so well when the judge excamines him:

We have had lovely visitors when Saija has paid a visit with Fido (Callitris Hunyadi Erminia) and Fayza (Royal Fayza v. Dyjadin). Lots of pics from that visit too - will upload them and update our activities later :)

keskiviikko 19. toukokuuta 2010


Agility...obedience...showtraining. We have only a few off-duty-days on our weeks: Monday is off, and thrusday too. Usually we go for long hikes at the woods on those days, and so have we done now too. Just together, without any kooi-friends this time. Boys have practised a bit of human searching on those walks, but nothing more special. Agility goes on well, distance-agi works rather ok, which I am delighted. Hopefully, in the future, we will have some more serious para-agi training, currently we are only planning it. Hopefully will happen soon!

Obedience works so well with Pre. The thing we ought to practise most is the jump and the distracted-laying for 2 mins. Otherwise he seems to be perfectly ready for even competition. Yet we take it slow, I prefer him to be more over-ready than under-ready! Pre is more calm and focused at obedience, Shanti more alert, jumping and unfortunately also biting the fingers when treated with yummies. Oh dear - Anniina, please return soon from your trip and take over on Shanti's training!!!

Today was showtraining, I only took Pre along, since he is attending our Int show in a week's time. Shanti will stay as an audience this time. Pre did very well, even when the judge examined him throughly. Great, I'm so delighted. After that Pre got to play with Pyry (Wishdecoy River Olivia), and the boys played so well. How great is that, that Pre is over 2 years, and gets on so well with males, if they are friendly. After that both of my boys got to practise therapy-dog moves, since we met a lady with cp who sat in a big electronic wheelchair. She was out with her personal assistant. The disabled lady couldn't move or speak, but it didn't matter. Shan was cool and friendly, Pre thought he found his best friend, and wanted to go to the lady's lap. He is such a brave and self-confident boy :)

torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

the wonderteam of Para-agilty

Summerday! Finally! It didn't seem so promising this morning, dull and grey, yet the sun broke out when we were hiking in the woods, and it suddenly became very warm indeed. I was in the woods with my stepsister, who we naturally asked to be the target for human-searchin. So she got the cover, went deep into the woods, and I let both of the boys search for her. Pre did absolultely great, speeded so fast to her, and this time Shan did very well too. Both were keen on working, so after a bit over hour's hike, we had a fast rest and headed to agility. Meanwhile Shanti's littlebrothers Koda and Fido had attended a dogshow. Koda(Callitris Hidalgo Erminia) did very well, and he became BOB. Gratulations Sanna and Koda! The BOS was Shanti cousin's daughter, the beautiful Tipi (Muskettikoiran Unilintu).

Agility went on well. We did a good track, with jumps, the tyre, A-frame, see-saw, the tunnel and slalom. Kati got to run so much, since she did most of the work with all three boys. I also did the track twice with Shan, and he was bit hot and tired, but managed to do distance-agi, with his para-owner. I even got Kati to record it (the latter, very tired version of the track), yet since I have a very new camera, I don't know how to upload it into the net :( Pre did a little bit with me, he managed to do the slalom and see-saw without problems. I am astonished! If this development continues, and my knee allows a bit of running-steps, we might get to compete sooner than I thought. With Shan, however, competing together is in the far future. I hope to get somebody to do a few tracks with him over the summer, since it would be great for him to test the 3rd class!

Some pics of the day:


Pretty-Pre but A bit of a lip

The victory and satisfaction:


Thank you Kati for all the help :)

keskiviikko 12. toukokuuta 2010

Birthdayboy Preety

Happy birthday Darling Pre on your 2nd birthday, what a big boy I have in you! Grattis syskorna i Sverige och Norge - Ymer, Zally och Zacky. Hope you all have lovely days and lots of goodies.

We spent the evening at showtraining, which we did only a little bit, after that we did some good obedience. What a STAR I have in Pre at obedience. He is so incredibly skilled, a owners dream come true :)

Tomorrow we will open the summercottage-season, so the boys will have the whole day free-running, swimming and enjoying the first sunny days. Hopefully it will be as warm as today, a perfect 20 degrees of celsius.

sunnuntai 9. toukokuuta 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Shanti wishes happy mother's day to his mother Fiona! Shan also sends greetings to nearby town Kitee, where his breeder Tuija lives. She is a mother of three small boys. Further wishes go to Shanti's grandmother Ani and owner Pirjo, who live at Mikkeli.



Preety wishes happy mother's day to his mother Enya and his grandmother Dolly! Pre also sends greetings to Ekerö, Sweden, where his breeder Yvonne lives. She is a mother of three, already adult girls!


Auntie-Maya and Nanna-Dolly:

Pre with Yvonne

We also send mother's day wishes to Anna to Kuopio, nearby town too, where lives Shanti's fiancee Beta and their dauther Pimu. Beta is just about becoming mother for the 2nd time, since she is mated yesterday with charming Hannes. Good luck!

Beta and Shanti playing in April-10

Now I will pack the boys in the car, and drive off first to visit my own nanna at the nursery. Boys will work as therapydogs and accompany me on the visit. After that boys will have the top time at my mum's place, where also Jaani lives.

Have a nice sunday everyone!

tiistai 4. toukokuuta 2010

Springy and wintery

I thought it was spring. Apparently I was wrong. Today it was snowing again. Nooooo! We had our obedience, but only the crazy-ones made it to the trainingfield. 50% of them coming from my home. So my boys and only two other dogs were there with their owners. There was not that much point in doing things, so we decided just to doo distraction-heeling, normal heeling and stading from heeling. Boys did ok, yet the weather, overalls and general condition was not very fruitful. Yet, I am satisfied I got myself to the field, I must have taken boys out anyway, so why not there!

Yesterday it was completely different situation. We went to Jaama, beautiful evening! Shanti was head over heels after Manta. This time there was not a modish, charming boyfriend, but a fiersty beast! Manta handled way-eager-Shan so well. We adore Mantu! Pre was keeping very well too, he was alert when the army marched by, as well as when the horse ran by, otherwise he was mainly minding his own business, giving room to the couple (or at least the eager boyfriend and his target).

Two days ago we did some human searching with the boys and my friend. Pre did brilliantly and Shan did somewhat hippy-like - with free moves and liberation. It was so fun to see it!

Tomorrow, if the sky permits, we are attending showtraining. Our show is proceeding and Pre needs to get some certainity in the ring.

Lets dance, shall we:

What a brick - doesn't he get the point?:

I don't understand the oldies:

More photos soon :)