keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2010


Still on a sickie, luckily just me, not the boys. Even when I have had very non-moving days, boys have had lovely, active life. Yesterday they were taken to agility, where Kaisa (with kooikers 'Ella' Lentävän Luppakorvan Liitolikka) and Katri (with kooiker 'Hilppa' Bullbenz kooi Odine Sade) did great job with my boys, and they got to practise after a very long pause. It has been way too cold over here for weeks, around -20 - -30, so naturally agility has been out of qu for long time. Boys were full of energy and very eager to do things. Preety has never done the whole training with somebody else, and he was co-operating so well with Kaisa, I was delighted. Shanti, on the other hand, is very used to be handled with several people (due my kneeproblems), and he did very well too. It was a delight to know that boys truly got to enjoy.

Shanti's day wasn't over after agi. Anniina was already waiting to get him to our obedience-class. I naturally had to be absent, and therefore Pre couldn't attend either. But Shan did well there, even when he had been concentrating on Agility (and lovely kooikergirls) for a good time. They had practised heeling, stopping from the movement and staying and different turns. Anniina was happy about Shanti's progress, and I am encouraging them to start to plan competing. Only Shanti's heeling post is not the best, he has speen stepped over his foot by me too many times, and he is bit careful with that. That is the biggest thing to practise now, otherwise he starts to be rather secure.

Today the boys have been able to do very good hike with Jaani, my brother. They enjoyed the good, mild weather, and the stacks of snow for 3 hours. And all were very excited. Jaani took to dogs at his place, so my house feels very empty now! Luckily I will get my boys back again tomorrow, so it will not be a long break, but I assume that boys are deligted to get to hang out with more moving people than the owner over at home!

Thank you Kaisa, Katri, Anniina and Jaani for all your help!

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