keskiviikko 21. heinäkuuta 2010


We had a lovely trip to hot Estonia over the weekend. More about it all and other activities in next writing.

Shanti is now Fi, Se, EE ch and C.I.B. (unconfirmed yet byt the FCI). Shanti did so well, being BOB for both days, earning cert and cacib. Further, on sunday we stayed for the groups, and he was BIG4. On both days the BOS was Shanti's fiancee Fayza, congratulations Saija and Fay. Saija was organising the whole trip so deep thanks to her, without her this trip wouldn't have come true!!!

Pre got his cert on sunday, so he will eventually be EE ch once he gets his certs from Finland :)

And please tell me how to make pics work on this, since I cant fit Pre's face nor alter the size of the photo, but by clicking on it, you will see the full picture!

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  1. Pitäähän se tännekin kommentoida joskus :) Elikkä vielä kertaalleen superonnittelut poikien mahtimenestyksestä!!

    Terv. poitsujen 'hoitotäti'