perjantai 2. heinäkuuta 2010


Summer and a great heat-wave has arrived. We have spent most of our days at the summercottage, next to a lake. Boys love living there, so many activities, pure freedom and endless playing. Here are some pics from our days:

My handsome boys

Cottage-agi by 5-year old





Myself and Shanti

Pre kissing Aada

Aada and Shanti

Anniina and Preety

We are going to have exciting weeks ahead, in a week's time we will have kooikerhondje clubshow at Riihimäki. Both of my boys are attending. On the following day Shan will FINALLY get to try 3rd class agility (he has gained the access already over a year ago, but my bummered knee has restricted our competitions). Shanti's littlebrother Koda will attend too, and Koda's owner has generously promised to quide Shan through tracks. One of them will be kooikeragilitych.track, so exciting!

The weekend following our clubshow will be spent at Estonia, we will travel with Fido and Fayza-kooikers, and both of my boys will attend the shows. Other one is Int and other is Nat. So hopefully some certs available for us :) Directly after the Estonian trip we will have lovely visitors, Dina-kooiker from Tampere will come and stay for a few days with us. Together with Dina will come her family, my dear, darling friends. I can't wait! We are hopefully having some kooiker-walks, meetings and agility. Probably go to Koli for a hike too, among kooi-friends.

Today is the birthday for Preety's breeder Yvonne. Happy birthday Yvonne, love you!!! Kram och Puss!

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