tiistai 6. huhtikuuta 2010

Last Holi-Day

Today was my last holiday until summer. We naturally spent it at agilityhall, obedienceclass and just resting in general. Katri came to pick us up in the morning. She had Hilppa (Bullbenz Kooi Odine Sade) and Her just named baby-daughter along. Boys went naturally crazy when they saw Katri driving to the yard. Soon they all were fitted in, 3 dogs in 3 cages, one baby and us. It was great sunny day, and first Hilppa got to race with Shanti.

After that the best buddies, Hilppa and Pre got to run around. Oh dear, they had speed and joy!

Boys did some distance-tracking, and they did it well. Shanti is so full of confidence, and he can race even 3 obstacles ahead me, which I'm really proud of. He follows my body so carefully, even small movements make him alter his path. I'm so grateful to have such a star! Pre is doing so great too - I almost forget that he is just a beginner at agi. He can do distance-agi so well too. He is following carefully both my body and verbal commands. He also has great self-esteem, but today made it clear, how much he enjoys it, when the handler is running along. Pre seemed to have enough, so I asked Katri just to treat him with a jump or two. They ended up running much more, and Pre really lighted up again. I need to pay attention, that if there is anybody with me at the hall, I need to ask them to run a bit with my boys.

What a lovely holiday! Tomorrow starts showtraining, which I am looking forward to!

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