torstai 29. huhtikuuta 2010

Shanti - the canine psychotherapist

What a great beginning of the week! I decided to travel to Tampere with Shanti. I had my psychotherapytraining (solution focused) at Tampere, and we're towards the end of our 3-year programme. Pre stayed with my brother and enjoyed 'boys days out and in'. Pre has always loved Jaani's company, and since he has finished his finals now, he has plenty of time for Pre. They have had long, free-running hikes, mostly at some unknown swamps. Apparently they have had top time, which I am delighted!

Catching the train went well. First train was an old-fashioned blue carriage. It was wobbly and noisy, and Shan recognised it first, but rather fast he calmed down on the ground and had some good sleep. We changed trains, and this time it was intercity - with THE smallest cabin for animals. There were only few seats and apparently 2 cats (oh dear), and 4 other male dogs, with two being very alert and manly terriers. Luckily I was the first one to enter, and I put up the cage for Shan. He was all calm and relaxed throughout the trip, even when the males started at him and grawed and barked. He was such a topboy! No probs what so ever, and he managed to sleep at his cage on our way to Tampere.

Hanna was fetching us up from the station. Shan was happy to meet her, even when they don't know eachother so well. Well, even better followed when Shan realised we are going to spend next 2 days with kooikerhondje Dina, Manta's lovely sister! Shan tried to act like a proper boyfriend for the first night, yet he realised soon enough, that it is better to be buddies than lovers. So things went on well, and the dogs got on well together. I got two kooikers sleeping next to me at night :)

Next day it was Tampere kooi-agility. With Shanti and Dina there were also Aida (Cavalriina's Sandra Sinatra) and Olly (Bullbenz kooi Olly Sade). Estonian Liisu (Chriskooi's Liisu) also paid an eager visit and it was so nice to see all these kooikers and their owners. We did one track. Aida is naturally talented medi3-agidog. Olly is beginner, but OH DEAR how fast he is. You can clearly see that Olly and Hilppa are full siblings. The eagerness and speed was absolutely great. Olly is also very, very promising agilitydog, and it was a pleasure to watch it. Shan worked wll with the distance handling and Dina practised speeding with the help of sausage-ball. That worked out well! Thank you for the good time at the field!

On tuesday Shan got to join in our psychotherapygroup, since we took the train immediately after the day. I put up his cage, but he seemed to be so happy, stable and calm around, I didn't close the cage at all. Shan charmed the whole group, there were over 20 of us! He let everybody stroke and handle him, took it so calm, openly and happy. He followed me well, but also was independent enough, got to play with some of the trainee's. On our break we went for an hour-walk, did some tricks and enjoyed the time. The most hilarious thing was Shanti's behaviour when we applaused to the presentations of final dissertations. There were several dissertations introduced this time. At the end of each, we all clapped our hands for the author. Every single time Shan thought it was time for him to appear in the ring, thank for the applauses, and then disappear. He did that every single time. What a showstopper I have! We all laughed our heads off :)

Later on we took the train home. Everything went on fine again, naturally. We did some clicker-training, the train was nearly 2 hours late, so we had plenty of time. Yesterday Shan only enjoyed a lengthy speed-hike with my friend, and today we went for a walk in the nearby forest. Tomorrow we are going to fetch Pre up, do some agility before my labour-day guests arrive. Finally got to meet up with my German friend, after long break. Hope it will be nice weather and lovely labourday. Have nice 1st of May everyone!

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  1. Shantso-Pantsa on niin paras!!!! Vaikka olit jo kertonut tuosta aplodien vastaanottamisesta aiemmin, silti hihitän täällä töissä kyyneleet silmissä. On se niiiiiin hieno poika!!!!

  2. :) Minäkin nauran edelleen (ja koko terapeuttiporukka samalla). Jätkä oli niin tohkeissaan: istuimme siis isossa ympyrässä - joka kerta kun taputettiin esitellylle työlle, herra sipaisi häkistään keskelle rinkiä. Heilutteli häntäänsä, seisoi tomerasti ja oli iloinen. Aplodit kun loppuivat niin kipitti takaisin häkkiin odottelemaan seuraavaa kutsua näyttäytymään. Että sellainen kehäkettu minulla!